Johnson, Johnson & Johnson 2.0 CD is now available at CD, Amazon, & itunes, or you can order it through me for $10. Here is track 3, 03 Track 3

Quinn, Dustin, & Stan Johnson’s new CD

JJJ 2.0 Our new CD

Stan performing at Vacaville Town Square June 2013

My Christmas CD

Johnson, Johnson & Johnson 2.0 will be here July 2!!! Very Cool!
Final mixing is under way, we should be sending it off to be mastered by the last week in May for a release date in mid June!!!
Quinn & Dustin and I are working very hard on our next Johnson, Johnson, & Johnson CD. It should be finished with in the next few months. I have just sent Quinn several new tunes that we will put on the album and we will be recording them all in March and April.

Johnson, Johnson & Johnson; Prelude, Misawa Underground, Postlude, Orange Sunrise, Left, Right Here, Quarter Miles, Happy, ’cause She’s Goin’ Home, QT, 4:13 In The Afternoon, No! I Said Left, Right Here, TQ, Orange Sunset

Jethro Tull Tribute Album

“J. Harrison B. You Can’t Get There From Here; Listen Now, River, Guess You Had to Been There, Light At the End Of The Tunnel, Time Will Tell Us, You Can’t Get There From Here, Take The Time, Lindsey, Horse Of A Different Color

J. Harrison B. Travelin\’ Down / Leavin\’ You

Blue Skies 707